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“Specializes in Children and Adolescents”

How to Have Better Relationships

Psychotherapy Group for Building Stronger Positive Relationships
This group is intended for people who wish to gain insight into patterns within their relationships and want to learn how to cultivate more intimate, satisfying, and nourishing relationships. Group members are encouraged to give and receive honest feedback and to practice new, healthier ways of relating.

This group is for:

  • Discovering relationship patterns
  • Improving communication/social skills
  • Learning how to have close and rewarding relationships
  • Overcoming social anxiety
  • Learning ways to feel closer to others
  • Discovering ways to feel better about ones self

*A screening process is required prior to joining the group.

*Fee: Call for pricing

*Groups meet weekly: Tuesday’s 6:30–8:00 P.M./Limited to 8 -10 in a group.




Parenting is the most important and rewarding job of our lives…and the only one we never prepare or train for! The goals of our sessions is to walk away with “Positive Parenting Strategy”, so that you can feel more confident by learning practical, proven and modern parenting techniques to build stronger bonds and raise a confident, happy and responsible child! Apart from the exploring and learning, an important part would be the actual practice of what you have learned and we will process that in our sessions, to ensure that it is working and you are seeing the changes.

Identify your parenting style and understand your child’s temperament and ways that you can both be in sync:
• Learn how to help your child get better grades.
• Learn to handle your child’s temper tantrums, adolescent anger outbursts and more
• Learn positive ways to discipline your child, without screaming and hitting!
• Learn ways to build your child’s self-esteem and confidence
• Learn to communicate so that your child hears what you are saying!

• Be forthcoming with what’s on your mind
• Be committed to change
• Be present and on time for your sessions
• Be patient with yourself and the pace of change

MY APPROACH: Confidential, Non-Judgmental, Empathetic, Solution Focused, Practical.

LEARN: Practical tools, tips and techniques that help adults achieve respectful, healthy relationships with your children.
Brenda von Rautenkranz M.S. LCPC, NCC, Health and Fitness Trainer
Professional Psychotherapist Former PTA President
B.S Education Motivational Speaker

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Effective Positive Parenting

  • “Old ways of disciplining don’t seem to work with kids today.” Does this statement sound familiar to you? A lot of parents today are wondering what to do with their kids and are frustrated because the old techniques just don’t seem to get the job done.
  • Parents want to enjoy their kids, have fun with them, and enjoy a less stressful family life. But even if their kids are trouble-free right now, they fear what the coming teenage years will bring.
    At no time in history have parents been more unsure of their parental role. Even the best are not all that sure about whether they are using the best techniques. They say that their kids don’t appear to be much like the ones they knew in years past.
  • A lot of conflicting philosophies have been presented over the last 30 years. Many of these sound good, but don’t seem to do the job of helping children become respectful, responsible, and a joy to be around.
  • Many ideas, offered with the best of intentions, center around making sure that kids are comfortable and feeling good about themselves in order to have a good self-concept. However, we have discovered that self-confidence is achieved through struggle and achievement, not through someone telling you that you are number one. Self-confidence is not developed when kids are robbed of the opportunity to discover that they can indeed solve their own problems with caring adult guidance.

For FITNESS and Healthy Choices


mirrorSelf Esteem






How are you feeling? How are you looking? How do you want to look and feel? We sometimes hit a cross road about our fitness. Do you keep doing the same bad behaviors over and over? How do we change? There are certain changes that have to be in place in order for a determined mindset to happen. Come and find out what the 5-mindset changes are and how you can make those changes too!

This program will help you lose weight, gain knowledge of healthy food choices as well as become aware of emotional eating. Through this group counseling session, you will learn how build self worth by the words which we speak and learn how to make positive changes in our behavior.

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