Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

vR Therapy has a mission to provide psychological, educational, which help people to be more successful in their personal, and social pursuits. We will explore with you in a way that builds on your strengths and potential, and challenges you to take your life to the next level. We will provide a positive environment for people and organizations that evoke changes in, beliefs and behaviors and attitudes through the power of the horse.

Our Vision:

The vision of vR Therapy is to empower communities with knowledge of mind-body relationships to eliminate unnecessary illnesses and improve quality of life. We seek to bring together our personal experiences, strengths, and hope related to health behaviors as well as our professional training and formal education for the benefit of the clients. We will provide a guiding force for promoting positive change that leads to stronger, healthier people and organizations. It is our philosophy that everyone possesses their own strengths, abilities, skills, talents and knowledge through which they are capable of change and growth in their lives and relationships. We will achieve this vision by holding ourselves accountable at all levels to the highest standards of honest, ethical professional competency.