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Brenda von Rautenkranz, M.S. LCPC, NCC –

Brenda has a Master of Science in Professional Counseling from Loyola University and Bachelor of Science in Education from Georgia Southern University. She has over 30 years of professional experience in behavior and education. She is professional personal trainer and president of Fit For Life, a program of health and wellness. She produces and hosts her own cable show and is a motivational speaker. She is a certified equine specialist for over 40 years. She has provided services to a wide range of individuals, groups, and organizations. She has presented at local, state, and regional workshops and conferences. Her understanding of psychology as well as human and organizational development, along with her life long passion in horses and their way of relating to humans and their environment, enables her to bring greater depth to her work in helping people and organizations discover who they can be and to build their strengths in order to do so.

walterWalter von Rautenkranz

Certified Equine Specialist

Walter has a degree from American University in Washington D.C. in International Studies and Law. He is a Corporate Sales Executive for Albert Uster Imports, Inc. in Gaithersburg, MD. He has been working with horses for over 30 years, training, instructing, breeding and riding on the South Georgia Rodeo Circuit. In addition, he has owned and operated his own horse ranch. He is EAGALA Certified. The importance of selecting horses for this program requires someone that, not only has an in depth understanding of horses but can also observe them in their natural environment which is crucial to the process of selecting horses that are appropriate for the program. During sessions it is his job to observe the horses and how they are interacting with the clients watching for patterns to emerge. Because the horses will respond in often-subtle ways it is his responsibility to identify questions that will aid the client in discovery.

Christian Christian von Rautenkranz

Director of Operations
Christian is currently pursuing a degree in Communications from West Virginia University. He grew up and was raised on a horse farm, while playing soccer throughout his earlier years. He has worked on the operations of the farm and landscaping. He has his own wood business. He has graduated in a Leadership Youth Program. He has a love for horses and the land.


Meet our herd of therapists

As part of our team, the horses are interactive partners in activities with our clients that elicit natural responses and patterns of behavior from the participants. Our horses are excellent nonverbal communicators. Their inherent ability to accurately read their environment allows for immediate, honest feedback that allows our clients to learn “in the moment.”




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